Start your 90-Day Life Challenge today !

  1. A three-month plan based on short and efficient workout routines to burn fat and quickly get in shape
  2. A tailored and evolving diet consisting of more than 100 recipes adjusted to your metabolism.
  3. An interactive experience which reveals every secret of Thibault's method: eat more, eat better, train less.
  4. A personal inbox to communicate with a fitness life coach dedicated your objectives
  5. Exclusive discount and recommendations on supplements !
  6. A plan designed to keep you involved and motivated throughout your journey !

*All plans are unique and separate. They cannot be combined, nor can they be changed after the program has started. (classic, vegetarian, pesco-vegetarian, vegan, egg allergy, groundnut allergy, avocado allergy).

**Depending on the plan, the number of recipes or can be less than 100.

Eat more,
eat better,
Train less !

One-off payment
197 €

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3 X monthly plan
66 € X 3

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90 Day Life Challenge - Avant/Après
90 Day Life Challenge - Avant/Après